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Swimming Classes for Kids 3-7 years
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Swimming Classes for Kids 8-12 years
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Junior Swimming Classes 13-18 years
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Adult Beginner Swimming Lessons
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Adult Intermediate Swimming Lessons
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Adult Advanced Swimming Lessons
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Water Aerobics Classes
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Family Swimming Classes
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Professional Swimming School
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David Green
Henry Smith
Safe Guard
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I completed my open water certificate through Epsilon Curacao and had an amazing experience. The staff are all very welcoming and friendly and extremely professional at all times.

Sigfredo A. Martinez Marval

My name is Reyhan Fecunda And I completed the open water padi dive course successfully with Epsilon, the way they teach is both energetic and learn fullis it most definitely the best way for you to finish the course successfully! Thank you Epsilon you guys are the best

Reyhan Fecunda